Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Lights of London

So far this year I have been most disapointed with the Christmas lights, both Debenhams and John Lewis, oh and House of Fraser too actually, all have the same Christmas lights as last year. Not so sure about Selfridges I haven't been up that far yet, and I do try to avoid its hard not to shop in there, so many lovely things...but i do have to buy some pressies so i might get there at some stage.

Then the street lights, well pretty boring I must say. The lights at the intersection are nice enough, as you can see below,

Oxford Street at 7am...not even all of them actually work though

But the ones on Regent Street are just giant light nets that are meant to be, I think stars. They don't flicker or do anything, its all one colour, white; frankly quite boring.

Oxford Street East one evening last week

Oxford Street again

Anyway you might like them, Adelaide certainly doesn't have them. Though that is merely because its light till 9pm what would be the point! Here its dark at 4pm, so its nice to have a bit of uplifting Christmassy lights to make it feel a bit well not dark.

So I am on the hunt to get some nice Christmas street lights. But for the sake of my last Christmas here, i will take pictures of all the department store frontages and put them up here, stay tunned.

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