Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pub quizzes are us!

Well I have not written on here again, for a while. This time its because well I am injured and its nothing new, just my rotten old shoulder injury that I endured in Australia come back to haunt me. Luckily for me its most painful when perched in (how to describe) marionette pose over a computer keyboard - so for at least 8-9 hours on any given day!

Thus work, which for most people is a general pain in arse, now is a pain in the shoulder also. Duh, the marionette pose, well its the closest I could think of for the "at computer" positioned over a glowing plastic (!!)....stance... Oh, you know what I mean!

I don't have health insurance over here, so its a great comfort that a £95 physio fee is out of reach, but I am fortunate in that I have 2 friends who are masseuses and one of those just finished her physio degree. Whew.

Anyway, tonight Mark and I trouped down to the local pub, me with book in hand (am back onto historical fiction so it was Phillipa Gregory - The Other Queen), so Mark could watch Lyon troop all over Liverpool in the football. Fortunately the football was not on, but we decided to continue our plans to stay and have dinner anyway.

These were then interrupted with the publican inviting us to join in the Tuesday night pub quiz. A music quiz...Dad where were you!! We were appallingly rubbish and rightfully deserved our wooden spoon (coming 5th - it wasn't very busy). Its lowest moment had to be when I got one of the listening ones - Doris Day singing for the film Calamity Jane (2 points) - oh my goodness how did I know that.

Though to be honest it was mostly English music and older stuff, anyway, thems is my excuses. Oh and we called our team - if you could call it that - "Pooh is us!". Hahahaaaaa. Note to self avoid the pub on Tuesday. Self duly noted.

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