Thursday, August 13, 2009

Team Bowling

Our team doesn’t get out much as we all live all over the place, so it’s hard to arrange a night out. We had a good excuse this time as work was paying to reward us for our hard work over the year end, which is March here.

The Team

We had previously been bowling and given there was a bit of fierce competition last time, those who were not there then wanted to have a go. I was given the task of arranging it, which was not as straight forward as you like. I had to consider, part timers, holiday’s, half days, people who don’t work in our office and a tube strike. It was worth it in the end and we got the venue we wanted on the right day.

We headed to Bloomsbury lanes, an old fashioned basement bowling alley near Russell street and Holborn in London ’s east end. The place has not changed since the 1960’s when they put it in, but it makes for a really cool atmosphere. It has a diner, karaoke rooms, a small theatre and 8 decent lanes.

Me Bowling...not too badly

We’d booked 2 of them for 2 hours and managed to squeeze in 2 ½ rivalry fuelled games over that time before we settled for our American diner meals, of hot dogs, burgers, apple pies and banana splits. American sizes too, they were huge! Was a fun night out and we all really enjoyed it, that much so the team bought me flowers for organising, unnecessary, but thoughtful all the same.

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