Saturday, April 25, 2009

What am I up to right now!!!?

I am.............. chilling out while listening to Jude Jules on BBC Radio 1....

...writing to Jacqui about her poor puddy tat...

wondering why I have a headache, I only had a couple of glasses of wine and its only just before 1am...and I never left the house....

missing my husband very much (he is with the boys in Portugal on Ahmed's stag do...more worried that Ahmed stays out of trouble than him....) I just hope he puts on sunscreen!

still deciding on what to where tonight for Anais's Hen glittery dress or plum grecian goddess dress...oh and then what shoes...decisions decisions....

glad Dad is coming to visit, I have started the plans and the days are booked off work, we are going to Cornwall, Liverpool, Ireland and Paris

really needing to ring my best friend...slack oh slack....on my part for sure

glad that I had a lovely evening with Jadey and Shauna eating cheese, hummos, antipasta, and icecream while drinking wine and listening to the top 50 dance tracks...chilled..

happy for Mel & Mark and Merry & Don for their baby news....

looking forward to the London Marathon on Sunday...go Andy!

thinking the credit crunch sucks, lots of people I know out of work, or potentially out of work and my job is being made permanent...fingers crossed when I apply for my own job I actually get it (permanent contract people - I will be home in Feb-10!!! for sure)

wondering if the Trinny and Susanna type spanx suck it in tights will actually work.....have put on my love fat, which is unflattering in a slinky dress!

Oh the horror, I was deemed not fat enough for the fat destroying drug - Alli - ....damn it, apparently a BMI of 26 is healthy! Doh

thinking RIP for the ANZACS!!

very tired and is off to bed....night all!

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