Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting a bit puffed out...and the London Marathon

The getting puffed out bit is me, well it was last night on a meagre and well very pathetic attempt to go for a run. I was trying to run home from my Pilate's class with a back pack on an yoga mat under my arms. It seems this is not a mean feat and is very wrong as it goes against the swingy arm nature of natural running. So I got puffed out. After about 5 minutes. Swingy arms seem to help the breathing apparently.

Does that mean I won't run again? Not at all, in fact I have been running (does twice in about 3 weeks count - I was ill last week people) and this weekend it is the London Marathon where i hope to go and be inspired by people who think its completely normal to run 42km without stopping for....well nothing really. Probably be more exhausted than energised after that little lot.

Though once upon a time I did consider doing the marathon, if nothing but to say I had. But whilst I do love running; the freedom, the wind in my hair, the adrenalin high and the exhilaration, especially on a downhill run or getting to the top of a big hill (did Highgate hill last time...whew...but so worth it for the amazing view at the top), a marathon is not my thing and I do believe exhilaration is not something I would feel at the end of it.

Its fair too long and far too damaging on ones body, our legs, feet, knees and shins were not made for such torture. Runners train for months and months (and they should to be prepared), only to potentially be ousted on the day, by most usually dehydration and that other big scary one for runner - the brick wall! I would hate to be running get to the 40km mark and just pass out, its pushing lots of boundaries.

Its a risk they all take and of course if you do finish - what joy, its definitely and achievement. and I have all respect for the runners out there that do the BIG one; the marathon.

So all you marathon runners out there, have a good one, I will be on the sidelines supporting you and next week I hope to have a few snaps of the big day to pop online.

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