Monday, March 09, 2009

Dozing on the couch

That is what Mark is currently doing, its nearly 11pm and he plonked himself there at about 8pm tonight, so I thought to entertain myself by writing a few blogs. I have only got one done so far, as you can see and looking back on my last lot of blogs its clear that I am a bit behind again.

This weekend we headed over the the Natural History Museum for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, its one of my favourite ones and I missed it last year.

This little one was my favourite, though its hard to pick and the ones that won were certainly not the ones I would have picked as the best.

Thus we have started embarking on our ever lapsing cultural expeditions, but there will be no more of that now, winter is over, the sun is coming out and staying out longer, hibernation time is done with. That and the countdown is on - 11 months and counting.

Last week I armed myself with a Time Out London magazine, grabbed the Saturday papers and poured through them for inspiration on where to go and what to do. That also makes it a bit trickier as whilst on a daily basis my only clue as to London's hidden activities (they are as if you don't look for them you won't know they are on) are the posters in the tube escalators, having such in depth guidance only adds to the confusion, as my god there is just far to much on.

Alas, it must be done, as there are only so many times you can see the posters for Carmen, Chicago and We Will Rock You and after a while you start to think that maybe you did see them...(no doubt I haven't but all 3 now must be added to the never ending, and never to be completed - such is life - things "To do in London" list.

Starting us off will be next week seeing Sneaky Sound system in Shepard's Bush (good ol' Shepard's bush....used to be very Australian but now a very large Polish community), but I have complied a short list for my own amusement of things I really would like to see this year....and in no particular order;

The Australian Film Festival to see Cactus...(recommendations welcome)

We Will Rock You


The 39 Steps

London Fashion Week (I just missed it this weekend)

La Clique

Hats - An Anthology (V&A)

Le Corbusier at Barbican

Babylon - British Museum

Museum of Docklands

Kew Gardens

Fabric (night club - though seriously getting too old for this...)

Burlesque....not sure who or where

Three Days of Rain (play)

Summer movies in Regents Park

Mamma Mia! (again)

Priscilla Queen of the Desert (the Musical with Jason to be hilarious)

The Paper Cinema - not sure myself but has good reviews

Billy Elliot

Taming of the Shrew

Les Miserable ....just because I cannot believe I have not seen it yet

Jack the Ripper walking tour (and several others actually)

I think that is all for now...but I will review the posters in the tube again tomorrow...quality reading :-)

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