Monday, February 23, 2009

A cosy new home

We are now officially in and suprisingly, how time flies, we have nearly been in a whole month. It only took a week to unpack everything and there are still a few boxes of papers hidden safely away and I am sure will be neglected till we need to move again. Why then have you waited to see more photos? Blame the internet people - soo sooo slow, we only got it active on Friday, it only took 2 weeks, grr.

As you can see I have made it very homely and it is indeed lovely and cosy. Did I mention the spare bedroom for would be visitors?? Hint hint. As you can also see I have plenty of books and more are really not required, though I just bought a guidebook on France, does that count as a book? Its reference and super important for upcoming travels, so I am going to say no.

We have already used our fully equiped kitchen - you'd think since its been 3 weeks - and I have even stepped in it too. Yes - donned tools and cooked....hard to imagine but it did happen! I have made a delicious stirfry from scratch, wihtout managing to burn down the flat and also I made pasta too. Mark is ever so helpful, but he gets in the way and is banished to the sofa.

So here are a few pics! Enjoy
The Living area
Our kitchen dining area...dining just for show we never eat there!
Mark hard at work in the kitchen
And the main bedroom

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