Sunday, January 25, 2009

Parcels of deliciousness - French vs English

I have recently been reading a book called the Goddess experience, which is mainly about all the wonderful things in life that make us happy from one girls point of view.

One of those things was Laduree macaroons, which got me drooling and wishing to run to Paris to line up with the cool locals for tiny morsels of deliciousness, as I remembered that my boss at Work Directions had bought us some back from there a long time ago.

Laduree macaroons (note - my desk and my little Aussie flag in the background)

BUT then ..... this lovely girl pointed out that a tiny Laduree shop is on Piccadilly, just here in London. Just a 20 minute walk from work. So what could I do, next day at lunch headed up there to the gold cavernous shop (it looks like a golden cave, with gold leaf covered stone walls) and purchased an array of 8 scrumptious macaroons, which were I must say just divine.

THEN I noticed Fortnum & Mason were just across the road, humm.. my friend Sophie had told me the cupcakes were to die for so I decided to pop in to see what they had. I would have a taste off between macaroons and cupcakes.

Fortnum & Mason - Cupcake

Well Fortnum & Mason have everything, they are like a massive department store/ supermarket over several levels, that sells everything from caviar, chocolate (delicious), to linen, to handbags, to salmon to wine. It was seriously the most expensive supermarket I had ever been in. Not likely for my grocery shopping, but I only wanted a cupcake, and time was short so the temptation to buy was obstructed by my short already nearly over lunch break.

Well the competition was stiff, the cupcake moist and delightful the macaroons beyond perfection, especially the vanilla and strawberry, so well - they both win...YUM

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