Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Austraya Day!

Another year, where I fail, unfortunately to have the day off that I deserve as an Aussie, so what did I do, well I had to make do.

Firstly at work we had all promised to contribute to make it a day at work that was as Aussie as possible, we had scarves, pinny's and tattoos representing Australia and food. Lots of food.

I as you can see choose to make lamingtons, not having the luxury of just popping into Coles for a dozen. They turned our fabulous, even though I choose the tricky option of making them with a jam centre.

MMmmm.... 2 hours of my time well worth it for sure. And below is the proof that I actually prepared them myself, yes you do see cooking utensils and the like in the picture, it is not a subterfuge!!

Here below is all our goodies lined up, mainly from a very worthwhile trip to the Australia shop in Covent Garden. We have BBQ shapes, Twisties (Cheese and Chicken), Minties, Pavlova, Monte carlos and of course THE lamingtons.

We also had mini packs of BBQ shapes and Freddo frogs on our desks. (PS feel free to send me any of the above anytime you like - I am happy to provide my address for such goodie delivery's)

After work, Matt, Rachael, me and our token Aussie Amy, headed over to the Walkabout for a few quiet drinks. Well it was quiet and noisy at the same time because one you cannot speak, or hear anyone speak and the music - all Aussie - is so ear drum shattering its not funny.

We got the lot, some oldies Midnight Oil, John Farhham, Jimmy, Crowded House, Men at work, The Angels, Cold Chisel, and one of my favs Hunters & Collectors, along with the grown up INXS, Powderfinger and the new Sneaky Sound system. Oh and we got a few random versions of Advance Australia Fair and Waltzing Matilda too.

Ah bless, you can only do one thing and that is join in with the flag/jersey/thong wearing and waving, skippy swinging, tattoo (Aussie Flag) wearing crowd...! Or queue at the bar which was a 15 min, 3 deep wait at best.

Rachael and Amy

Me with Matt and Rachael.

PS Happy Australia Day everyone! Cheers!!

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Heather Anders said...

haha! i totally planned on making lammingtons too - but got back from the shop nad realised i had forgotten eggs! so decided to not bother (Fred prob wouldnt appreciate anyway).

hope you well - new place looks good (albeit somewhat north of the river)