Monday, December 15, 2008

Anne's Last English Hoorah!!

Anne has returned to Australia for good, it seems, and whilst she is very excited about it, I am sad to see my only Australian relative in England leave to go home.

Celebration Cosmopolitans with the girls

All gone....

We did however celebrate her leaving, though I am sure this was just one of many lunches, dinners and drinks that she had with her friends before finally boarding the plane via Singapore to wee lovely Adelaide.

Brighton Xmas lights..

Then after that evening Anne, Ruth and I packed up the last of Annes remaining chatels to various homes (mine, Ruths and Alisons). While 8 boxes and suitcases were shipped back to Australia, Anne still had a whooping 42kg of her belongings to take back to Australia. This she acheived with no excess baggage to pay (nice person at Heathrow) for the 22kg she was over the limit.

While organising I took a few photos of the beach at Worthing for Anne so she can remember the beach beach she has lived near for the past 12 months.

Worthing Beach, view to the pier

Worthing Beach street lamp

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