Saturday, November 15, 2008

A friday night in!

No its not all party, party, party...on a Friday night. This week I am just exhausted from just being me and doing lots of things, working hard...blah blah... We are, after all, here for a short time so damn it better be a good time!

So tonight....I am...

Lazy supermarket shopping at my favourite, alas not so convenient, supermarket Waitrose for exciting things such as bread (Irish soda bread), Organic tomato soup and chocolate - Cadbury chocolate with Cranberry and Granola, stay tuned I have not eaten it yet.

Book shopping at Waterstones on the Kings Road, as I have NOTHING to read, yet again, due to the power of my ability to devour about 3-4 books per month. Visiting Waterstones also means I avoid nasty credit crunch wallet black hole creating shoe shops and clothes shop (with the New York trip just next Wednesday...........woo hoo....I am saving my shopping till then).

Eating yummy soup and soda bread..........mmmmmmmmmmmmm comfort food

Having a lovely relaxing bath with devine smelling Molton Brown bubbles and reading "What would Audrey do?", which is all about the most gorgeous woman on the the planet (aside from my mum) Audrey Hepburn.

Then I am going to paint my nails RED and watch Roman Holiday with said gorgeous lady Audrey Hepburn....

So a night in, its not a bad thing, its LUSH! *insert me humming since I cannot get it out of my head New York...New York...I want to be a part of it...*

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