Monday, September 15, 2008

Get in ma belly...........

Randomly thinking, since I am not eating all that much at the moment, I am entitled to gorge myself on comfort foods.

This had me thinking of what exactly my comfort foods were, so I started thinking and writing and thinking a bit more, and it ended up that, these are ..."a few of my favourite things...", and not necessarily in any particular order.

- Raisin toast, or brown toast for that matter with lots of butter and hot, hot, hot

- Tim Tams, especially with a nice cup of tea

- Roast dinner, beef or lamb, with all the trimmings, roast potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, broccoli, beans, cauliflower cheese, gravy and a great big Yorkshire pudding, with a pint of Cider

- Freshly cooked hot chips, soggy with lots of chicken salt and tomato sauce

- Tomato or Pumpkin Soup or Sweet Potato...(OK insert any soup here, except for Pea & Ham and French Onion...)with toast and obligatory slatherings of butter

- Ham and cheese toasty toasties...and if you have to ask me what that is, well you are just missing out!

- Baked beans on toast...Heinz only, English original Heinz only at that, no BBQ sauce, no Organic, just original.

- Kettle chips in sea salt and balsamic vinegar, making my mouth water!!

- Bacon sandwiches with lots of tomato sauce

- Proper muesli with Greek yogurt and honey, and that is full fat yogurt thank you very much!

- Fresh hot cinnamon donuts (reminds me of after grocery shopping treats when I was little, thanks to my Mum)

- Cherry Ripes, and the new double dipped 70% cocoa Cherry Ripes, are divine! Usually I would say a classic is always the best, but well this is a first for a new version being better than the original.

- Hot chocolate on a really cold day, even better with marshmallows, the big fluffy Pascall ones you get in Aus.

- A damn good, well cooked piece of steak and by that I mean medium rare (more rare than medium) and if its Wagyu beef all the better, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

- Any big stew with lots of vegetables and meat with a tomato based sauce, I am there, slow cooked is the best!

Oh and you know I could go on, your suggestions are welcome, as there is always, always plenty I could add to this list!!

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