Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A wake up call...from Jamie Oliver

Its late, I should be in bed. I sat up tonight watching The Golden Compass with my parents, and found it not any less entertaining than the last time I watched it and it was far more entertaining than another episode of Cold Case could ever be.

Following that we three scared ourselves into vowing to eat healthily for the rest of our lives. Why? Well that damn, though he is kinda cute in a weirdo dorky way....oh where was I...ah yes. Jamie Oliver hosted a special documentary, or was it mockumentary (mocking us) about us greedy, salt/sugar loving, Westerners and our totally atrocious eating habits and how we are slowly seasoning ourselves to our deaths. We are are fattening our livers to the point that we are slowly, squeezing our lungs around our hearts and making fois gras out of our own livers. Tasty...I think not.

We try to justify it with, "its just one slice of white bread", "Macca's once a week won't hurt", but seriously add it up on a day to day basis. Just the little things, a biscuit here (salada or sweet), a chocolate bar there, an extra bit of sugar in your tea, added salt and you have yourself your own ticking timebomb. Oh..... you think you might be skinny despite eating all the crap (don't kid yourself it really is crap), well you can be skinny and have lots of fat around your organs, its hidden its dangerous and IT WILL KILL YOU.

Anyway, enough now, probably preaching to the converted as I am sure all the people I know eat well - or do you!!! Assess, it won't hurt.

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