Monday, July 14, 2008

In hiding, In Adelaide

I know I have not been particularly adept at keeping this up to date more recently, well just a few reasons. I am in Adelaide enjoying family time, especially with my mum who has just had major surgery, thus ruling out London activities and holidays for I must say the best reason in the world.

Number two I am loved up, so all my time is devoted to the boy....sigh, and I can hear all you saying "oh please....", from here, oh yes I can!! The girls understand, I caught up with the Santos girls last night and the had the philosophy that no news is good news, and yes it sure was.

Anyway I promise I am working on updates of recent past holidays and will send them through, soonish, pending motivation and procrastination. Seems I am the best procrastinator in the world, though I do try and I believe it was a New Years resolution not to be.

Also looking forward to the arrival of Heathers baby, and sad that Fred has broken his mummy's laptop....crazy kids!

Back here soon....

PS in the middle of planning manic, crazy and super exciting trip to New York for my birthday - yippee, start spreading the news.............!

1 comment:

Heather Anders said...

you AND me wating!!!

might have ot start a solid diet of curry (mmmm. not complaining)

mum and dad got here mid last week so enjoying being pampered and getting all those last minute jobs done.

(waiting on computer repair quote - fingers crossed!)