Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chesire Garden Wedding

Another visit to Stockport, my third or fourth actually (Matt comes down here most of the time, aren't I lucky) saw me at a friend of the familys wedding. The wedding of Gemma and Gareth. Matt's family used to go on family holidays to France with the Rodgers family (Gemma is the 2nd youngest sister). So lucky Matt, his sister and 4 other girls. His sister tells me theres lots of photos of torture there, and I cannot wait to see them!

Summer weddings are just lovely, and this one was no exception. The church was the small family church and after a short jovial (I have never seen a minister so young and not giving everyone a sermon!) wedding we headed back to their parents house, just around the corner. After lots of photos and much throwing of confetti of course, of which I still have a handful in my bag, care of Matt's niece Tilly.

The garden was gorgeous with a stepped garden, marquee, small dance floor and a massive great tree that must have been about 300 years old setting the scene. The brides brother in-law was the chef, her sisters were the bridesmaids and all their children participated too.

The food, a never ending buffet, was amazing; duck spring rolls, wee pots of bangers & mash, salmon bagels, roast beef, strawberries and cream, lemon tart, chocolate tart, fruit shaslicks, a chocolate cup cake wedding cake and at 10pm that night we had hot chips..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... AND we left just as the fireworks started...but you could hear them all down the street, and see them so we still saw them in the end.

It was a lovely day, and I finally go to wear my new dress...good thing there are more weddings to come!
Matt & I at the Church, yes the Bride was late..
Matt's Sister Cathy, her hubby Steve and Tilly
The stunning garden
Matt stealing all the cakes
The actual cake, the yummiest cup cakes ever...
Matt wearing Tilly's Koala ears
Well what can you say...ehhhee

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