Monday, June 16, 2008

Its been crazy and its summer........sort of...

So I have been a very busy girl as per usual, but that is no excuse. I am not deliberately ignoring Facefart (my affectionate name for the thing - Facebook - that now hogs all my time with my photos, though I partly blame because I take so many damn photos), this blog, sleeping, eating, emailing people, phoning people, or my washing and ironing, I am just enjoying my life for a bit.

That and when the sun is out in London, so am I. It seems its a rare phenomenon, something that involves having lived here to understand, as an Australian I am known to take the sunshine for granted, but as a Londoner....not a chance.

I am, however, working on a few blogs at the moment, and there are a few with so much happening; a new job, new friends, getting used to the new flat, a trip to Madrid and away to Croatia for a week for a wedding, well the time I have to even myself is quite limited.

But so you know what I look like..................

At Mari & Barns wedding in Korcula, Croatia
Mari and Me on the Island
In Madrid with Maddy and Sophie
Alderly Edge, near Manchester doing a bit of walking in the countryside
Matt & I at Lon & Toni's BBQ bash
Me on Columbia Road markets in East London, what a find!

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