Monday, May 05, 2008

Lisa is....again....again

Lisa is ......

very excited about the lovely English weather.

missing her mummy very very much

sending positive thoughts to her family

looking forward to the ballet tonight - The Sleeping Beauty, it shall be gorgeous

missing her boy, who lives too damn far away!

wanting to sleep some more, but the days is well underway and there is lots to do

hoping there is enough clothes in her wardrobe so she can hold out on doing the washing for just one more day

glad Mari had an amazing hens night....or rather nights...

wondering where she will find time do download all the photos from the hens nights, there were soooo many

excited about her hot pink patent leather I not such a girl!

looking forward to the Luytens coming back so she can show the girls how to do London without walking the pavement off...

waiting for dad to have the video camera set up on their Skype properly

looking forward to a decent sleep tonight

looking at family photos and loving them more still

very hungry and cannot wait to eat seafood tonight

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