Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today...feeling a bit...well know...

Today I have a cold still, or rather another new one...which seems to only be minor thank goodness. I have consoled myself with some dark chocolate so its all ok now, that and a good girly chat to Sophie...gosh where would I be without my girls.

I know I don't ring you all, or even email often, I am rubbish at that, but I love you all to pieces and I wish I could have you all here with me - you all know who you are, my Adelaide posse, my London posse and my Canadian gals too (plus the special Melbourne gal - who really should fall under the Adelaide posse, but she's a bit special so she gets her own mention).

When I am home at Xmas I am going to take so many photos of you all, so I can plaster your pretty faces all around my flat, I don't think I have ever taken so many photos as I do here...everywhere you go its...cameras at the ready. If I ever have memory loss there will be plenty of photos to remind me that is for sure.

Anyways a few pics so "you" don't forget about me - Big Kisses Lisa x

Okawari with Toni
Sophie and Lisa out for Ching & Asli's Birthday
Lisa, Sue and Audrey out for Sushi and random bands on Valetines night
Lisa and Julie in Belfast where they build the Titanic
and finally Lisa still remembering her roots...Australia home sweet home

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