Friday, February 08, 2008

A run, a release...

Tonight when I finally got home from work, I decided I really felt like going for a really long run - well maybe just a little one. I have so much adrenaline running around my body right now, I could not afford for it to be wasted.

So I kitted myself out and packed all my gear to ensure I had my mobile phone, i-pod, oyster card and cash...oh and the house keys!!! A travel pouch is brilliant for all this.

So firstly round to Belsize lane to warm up running through Belsize village, before doubling back when reaching Haverstock Hill road, and winding my way slowly at first back through the long angled avenue road in that area back up towards the top of Fitzjohns Avenue.

I felt totally relaxed, and my breathing was so perfect and even, my stride perfect...even up hill on the really steep stretch up towards Hampstead tube. Then at the top of Hampstead high street (which becomes Haverstock Hill road), I was rather chuffed with myself at that point (especially since I had just passed two guys who were panting at the top of the hill) I began my descent down.

Its a lovely long clear stretch of path, lacking in pedestrians at that time of night (not really a late night shopping bit up there) thats just the right steepness, and it was here that I just let go and ran as fast as I could, I was just so full of energy, it was such a release. By half way down I was practically laughing. I just felt sooo good.

The rest of the run, back off Haverstock Hill Rd back onto Belsize lane and all the way back across the hill to Fitzjohns avenue again, was so easy and just flowed.

I haven't run like that in such a long time and I had truely forgotten how empowering and liberating it is. Such freedom and release, when I got home I wasn't even tired and I had run about 3-4 miles in half an hour.... I was just delighted that I had found my energy and my love for running again.

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