Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rugby World Cup 2007 - Australia vs England

Well it was the game of the season and you had to watch...though in the end it was cringingly as Australia played so poorly and let England, well Jonny Wilkinson, walk all over them...by 2 points - 10-12 to England.

Lisa shows Skippy how its done.

Was such fun at the Marylebone Tup, Marylebone with Jethro, Teresa, Ching, Sophie, Maddy and some others too. Lots of Aussies in their Australian jerseys, and Teresa in her jersey. Seriously I think the English are sore losers (though I knew this from the Football world Cup last year) and thought they would lose, either that they are too tight to part with a proper jersey to support their team. There was not one other person wearing and England jersey!!

Even though we lost I proudly wore my top for the rest of the day, even with Teresa gloating non-stop for the rest of the afternoon, at the next pub, then out at dinner in China town in Soho.

Was a fun afternoon and had a great time, and well we were geared up after that to watch France beat England....but we stayed in to watch this one...as England, sorry Jonny, came through again.!! A whole other story, now stay tuned till the final while we await South Africa, to hopefully beat England. No team has won two in a row, and frankly my ear drums are nearly bleeding from Teresa's screaming so I could not bere for them to win!! Ahhaaa LOL

The TUP..
The Pub
Skippy having a blast!
Teresa very happily being a grinner winner
And Ching joins in to celebrate with her..
Jethro gives Skippy a hug
Maddie and Teresa
Teresa spreading the lovvvvee
But after all we still love each other ahhhh...

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