Friday, September 14, 2007

GrantRail - working the lines...

One weekend i had to go out on site to look at how the Site Access controller managed the men all coming onto the railway site. This was one of my big projects at work, putting together a case for having electronic site access, rather than big written sheets of paper, listing all the mens details, competencies etc.

So I headed up past Milton Keynes, one Friday (yes Friday) evening for a bright an early start working with the Site Access Controller, the shifts start nice an early at about 6:30am for a whole weekend. Fortunately I only had to stay till about lunch time, I had discovered all I needed to know by then, and my IT guru was happy with his findings too.

It was a bit of a novelty and Meredith and I went down as close to the track as we were allowed, to watch the ballast (rocks around the tracks) trains and the tamper trains come and do their bit...very interesting..

Site Access Truck at 6am
The road into the site
And again...
The Track from a distance...we got lots closer than this...just think Stand by Me close....
And we were in the middle of the country side on a glorious summers day!!

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