Saturday, June 02, 2007


I really wish I had time to do all my blogs, I would love to tell everyone what we have been up to but I have been working lots and travelling lots, and not sleeping very much. Though I must say I have had time to get on facebook for at least 5 minutes a day, but that is quick and I can catch up with what everyone else is doing on one screen. It's a find I tell you.

Anyway what have we been up to. Mark has been unwell, poor boy caught a cold from the nasty bank holiday weather, but he is ok now and currently at a pub in Farringdon!! I don't know what the Brits have done to offend Mother Nature, but I tell you she sure knows how to screw up their holidays!!! I was cold and about 7 degrees on the holiday Monday, when its nearly summer - well its summer today - and should have been in the 20's.

Yesterday I went to Derby for work, but it would have been more exiting if it was to Paris or Brussels or something. Nothing to see there, and nothing to tell you about! Today I was in London Bridge and got to get back into the Borough Markets for lunch. Yummo! The Flour Power City Bakery now do a banana cake, as well as their famous chocolate brownies - and it is to die for! I will from now on be at London Bridge at least once a week, as i am working on a new job, sorting out procedures for a big project for GrantRail that we will win - we all hope - in August. Very exciting and different.

Anyway, the pub awaits, and I want an early night because we have to hunt for our "favourite childrens television show" costumes for a party tomorrow night! Wish me luck :-)

Miss you all - and wish you were all here
Lisa (and Mark)

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Heather said...

blah blah blah. turkey photos please.

Now, about this English weather - couldn't agree more. HOWEVER - when the sun shines as perfectly as it did today, all is forgiven.

THats excellent news about LOndon Bridge, becasue... welll.... i think it is a sign that there ar no more excuses to not meet! Give me a day's notice, or tell me in the morning and I should be able to come down for lunch. (Plus - many of hte borough market shops are open during hte week now!!)