Saturday, April 07, 2007

Primrose Hill

Mark and I were a bit bored today so we wandered down in the sunshine to Primrose Hill for lunch at a nearby pub called The Princess of Wales. The pub was a good old fashioned authentic non-chain pub, with an Irish feel, that had big windows to let all the light in. Most important in the winter. Though we were lucky enough to get to sit out the front in the sunshine, to enjoy our fish and chips and Pimms, which is the best place to be at any pub on a warm sunny day.

We then walked for a bit and back around to go up Primrose Hill. Mark had not been up there to see the view before so I made him not look until we got right to the top. Lots of people were out on the hill, lazying about, playing ball games, walking dogs and enjoying themselves. It was a brilliant clear day so you could see right across London and beyond. I had no idea there was so much construction and I counted at least 51 construction cranes, probably about 50 more than back in Adelaide. Especially now the new Santos building is done!

Being its Easter there was a big group of people all dressed up and involved in an Easter egg decorating competition, it was quite funny and I took a few pictures of that too.

Since it was so nice we kept walking all the way back around to Adelaide road, behind Primrose Hill and back up Primrose Hill road to Belsize Park. Haverstock Hill road, up that way and running right up to Hampstead, is like our own West End lane, with lots of restaurants and pubs. I say that because today Mark said to me, whilst walking up a bustling West End Lane, "Why would you want to move away from this?". Well precisely because there are other places just as cool to go and live in, that won't cost us any, or at least much more. We won't move till the summer though, even though that will be here soon enough.

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