Thursday, March 29, 2007

What's up!

Daylight saving has finally arrived, so our sunlight hours have dramatically increased, well by an hour anyhow. So its light till around 7:30pm, (you'd love it Ev its even still light at 6am too) so it will be even better in the middle of the summer time. Before I came to London, I always imagined that it was grey most of the time, however it's not, it's just really really bleak when it is grey and cloudy.

Today for example, there was a thick pea soupy type of smog with low clouds all about the city, it made the sun look all watery and washed out. It more actually looked like it does when its really hot, humid and cloudy, though at a balmy 17 was not exactly hot. The weather is much warmer though and thank goodness the cold snap (back to less than 5) that we had last week has gone away and we are back to proper sunshine - I am so glad I can get my sunnies out again.

We are keeping busy, but having fun. Last Friday we went out for drinks at Canary Wharf for our friend Tanya, which resulted in Tanya, Laura and Michael staying at our flat for the night so it was a bit squishy, but fun. On the Saturday after we sweated the poor things out (the heating was on overnight - we lack blankets for guests - and by morning the flat was 31 degrees), Mark, Michael, Amhad, and Reshard were lucky enough to be off to Wembly Stadium.

It was the first game ever at the brand spanking new Wembly stadium, an under 21's match between Italy and England, and the boys managed between the 4 of them to get the £10 tickets. The match sold out pretty much straight away, which is to be expected with the London touts, but they were then selling on Ebay for £250 after that. Oh and for the boys the score was 3 all. We have pictures and a camera phone video of one of the England goals.

Mark has been a busy boy, he is actually out tonight too at a pub quiz, and had lucky practically front row tickets at the Teenage Cancer Trust Noel Gallagher concert (think band member and brother of former troublemaker lead singer of Oasis if you have forgotten - I did!!). Again there were a few of us keen to go, but tickets sold out, but while Mark was on the phone to Ticketmaster, two tickets came up and he snapped them up for him and Michael. I get to keep the programme - lucky me.

Oh and Mark is also going to be going to see Arsenal play soon, he is pretty excited as being Arsenal are an extremely popular team tickets are hard to come by, but one of the clients from his work had tickets, so he gets to go. Alas, again I miss out.

I, however, get to make up for all that in just under 5 weeks when I go away to sun and fun in Bodrum, Turkey on the Aegean sea. I am going with Anne and it will be amazing, as I know from going last year that the weather is gorgeous and the beaches pristine. I hope to go on a day trip up to Hierapolis, to Pamukkale, where they have these spectacular white travertine terraces (white from the hot springs on limestone).

Aside from that work is going well, and if all goes to plan I will be looking for a new job at the end of June. I just really could do with a change of scenery, get closer to the square mile, home, restaurants, pubs and clubs. The JV is, as it turns out, is supposed to be winding up around then - so it works out perfectly.

Though the extra travelling is a good opportunity to read on the train, and as another blog I am going to give a run down of all the books I have read over here, or maybe the tops ones as there are seriously loads at the rate I read anyway. Some days I just grab the Metro or the Lite Evening Standard (both free - not the London paper because the ink comes off on your hands) to read, so the books take a little longer to finish. At the moment I am on The Night Watch by Sarah Waters, its quite good and she writes really well, lots of details but not too heavy that you have to gloss over it too much.

Its late.. night...I have rambled far to long, though it was interrupted with Desperate Housewifes and the new season of The Apprentice (the Sir Alan Sugar English version, which is always a clever comical farce!!).

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