Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy 1 Year in London to us....

Well its actually gone past that now, we arrived on the 3rd February last year on a very crisp gloomy zero degree day with little baby snow falling. I remember it was so cold and I had to wear thermals for weeks to get used to it.

Now...pah thermals schmermals, its just not cold enough and I never thought I would find myself uttering the words "my god its 10 degrees - its just too warm!"
Us in Brussels...our most recent adventure

I think my body has become very adapt at acclimatisation, which I think comes from the fact that I can deal with less than zero and up to temperatures in the 40's. When we eventually go home, the pair of us will wander around in winter with tee-shirts and flip flops!! Anyway - totally off the topic.

My lord our year has just flown by. We have done so much, met lots of people, made new friends and all of it is recorded here on this blog forever, to eventually become a best selling blog book - hah, not.

We have been to (not in any order) - Paris, Brussels, Edinburgh, Ireland, Athens, Santorini, Isle of Wight, Brighton, Goring, Canterbury, Dorset, Whitstable, Istanbul, Gallipoli, Australia, St Anton and done loads of things around London. Winter has currently sent us into hibernation with no trips planned for a while, but there is plenty to do around here.

Yes, so hooray, Happy 1 year Anniversary to us... to us ....Happy 1 year Anniversary to us!!!

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