Friday, January 26, 2007 London

On Wednesday morning it seemed like a normal cold winters day, then I got a text from Anne (my Aunt) telling me it was snowing in "boring Goring" (Goring by Sea). I was just about to write back lucky her, but I thought to look outside first.

(West Hampstead - street)

I nearly peed my pants with excitment (I am easily amused). I was so excited I screamed down to Mark to come up and see the white world that outside our front door had become. He however was still in the shower, so I had no one to show...but it was amazing and those of you who got texts from me will know how excited I was to see snow.

(Snow on plants outside front door, note it was far more impressive being there)

Now we are spoilt, a week in the snow in St Anton and then to come back and get snow in London. I took a few photos, and there is one below that Anne sent me of it actually snowing.

It caused the regular amount of chaos around London, slow trains, no buses, dire straits on the motorways. As you can see from the photo of the front page of the paper from below the entire transport system of London colapsed after "an inch of snow". Totally hopeless!! My train took 45 minutes to get to work, as opposed to 30min, so I was actually luckier than most. Mark had no troubles either.

Oh, and note that the paper states "More blizzards tonite", please, god give me strength. The Canadians - Julie (Mum) and Mark - would just laugh their heads off, especially coming from St John, where the snow is practically up to your neck the entire winter.


(My Station)

However, it was pretty, but it did not last, it was gone by lunchtime - sigh!. A bonus however was that this morning, no snow, but while I was walking to the station it started to snow and did so for about 10minutes.

Hey its better than nothing and now I can say I saw snow in London and have been snowed on in London.

(The Paper - ha!)

(Annes house in Goring by Sea - its impressive if its snowing down there though as its right on the coast)

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