Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years Eve

Photos from New Years Eve.....we were meant to go to a fancy dress party, but time got the better of us and it just wasn't happening. So Michael was going to Brixton and we trailed along with him and some of his friends.

First we were to meet up at the station, including a quick cuddle, which Michael and I have dubbed "the leg hug". Don't ask but its fun.

Then we were due to catch up with Ahmed in Clapham, but the hyper boy was already out of there when we got there, in fact he was already walking down the road when we ran into them!!!

So we plonked ourself (not this was after several attempts at finding the place Ahmed had been in, where he had assured us free entry and free drinkies had our names all over them - do we believe him....well who knows) in a local Clapham pub for while, and took advantage of the cheap drinks and friendly barmen, who were only to happy to double up our drinks free of charge.

Then it was onto the club , where a haze of champagne cocktails and 3 rooms of dancing saw us into the New Year - Michael also made a new friend - the pole. Was a hillarious night.

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