Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What to do to promote customer service?

Marks work were having a customer service week (whatever that was to entail) and his boss asked for some suggestions as to what they could do to show their customers that they cared.

Michael, Marks friend, has come up with some novel suggestions that would, I think, appeal to the masses out there. They were too funny not to share....see below....

Suggestion 1
Anybody filling in a requisition form correctly with all of the details etc gets a phone call from the department. We all wear a yellow hat and sing "Bright Eyes" in to the mouth piece for that personal touch..

Suggestion 2
Why not just have coffee and cakes for one department on each day of the week. To decide which departments we're going to invite they all have to bring in their own squirrel and then we race them. The top four win. Easy. A squirrel race.

Suggestion 3
Ok, we've got 4 space hoppers and a pit full up with balloons. We make an obstacle course out of the pit with a start and finish line. Each day Purchasing will give the person providing the best customer service a space hopper and a yellow hat. On Friday they each have to put on a divers suit full of baked beans and use the space hoppers to bounce around the pit bursting the balloons and winning the "fun" prizes hidden inside. Think, "It's a knock out."

I think we have a winner!!! Also, the person who finishes the race first may also keep their baked beans and take them home with them.

Suggestion 4
Ok, last one. Everybody brings in a sheep and we're all wearing yellow hats. We each have a metre squared section of grass and on the starters pistolmark they have to eat as quickly as they can.The first one to finish wins a poppadom. Game on!

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