Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mark of the Mountains....

Well he will be after next year! Mark has set himself the challenge - the 3 Peaks Challenge - and next summer he and a few work friends are going to climb the 3 highest mountain peaks in the UK. The aim is to climb and travel between Ben Nevis (Scotland), Scafell Pike (England) and Snowden (Wales) within a set time of 24 hours. The timing starts from the base of the first peak and ends when the whole team returns to the base of the third peak.

Sound impossible well apparently with plenty of training its completely fine and 24 is plenty of time, hummmm. I am thinking about doing it too, but we are both doing the training walks so I will see how I go!! Our first training walk was up and down the rough, steep tracks of Boxhill, which is a popular hill walking site near Dorking in Surrey. This was just last weekend and we did the walk twice in around 2 and a half hours.

Below are some pictures from our walk -
View towards Dorking
Refreshments at the top
Robin, Mark, Michael and Adam, after the first round to the top
View of the Easy way up
Getting the breeze
Michael and Mark admiring the view
Crossing the creek at the bottom
A couple of guys Grass Boarding down the easy climb

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