Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Whats new?

Well not much really, just a bit of work and....wait for it ....warmer weather (26 &27 degrees).....lovely. Very sad to hear about Steve Urwin too, as much as the man was annoying he was a great asset to our country, I'd much prefer him for Prime Minister... Crikey! (yes, its his fault I do actually say that on occasion).

Just writing to say that I have so much more blogging that I have missed out on here, there are a few trips that have not made it to the site yet...

1 - Goring By Sea, just 2 weeks ago

2 - Wimbledon, gee that was ages ago (we have put in for the ballot for tickets next year, fingers crossed), but I still haven't added any pictures.

3 - Isle of Wight, that was just lovely

4 - Trip to Leeds Castle for the jousting

5 - Boat Race - Cambridge vs Oxford (now this really was ages ago, I believe it was still winter!)

6 - Notting Hill Portobello Road market pictures

7 - Mark playing Touch Rugby

8 - Various other things....

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