Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Last night Mark and I went out to Milton Keynes which is about 30 minutes to 1hour (depending on which train you take) out of London (towards Manchester), so that I could fulfill my dream of seeing Robbie Williams live in concert and be able to go "hahahahahha" to you at home who won't get to see him.

This dream, however, was dulled, almost shattered, when he announced Adelaide on his Australian tour - doh! Ah, but alas he won't be doing 5 sell out shows in Adelaide with 65,000 people at each. Thus if you are going at home, you won't get to experience the highs....getting closer to the stage than about 50,000 other people and the lows..... being behind 15,000 people and trying to escape at the end of the to the train station with said 50,000 people to get home prior to 1am!!!

The day was quite long for us as we had to get out there quite early to pick up our tickets, pre-ordering in Australia does not allow for mailing out! Ok so that leaves us there at about 3.30pm in the afternoon, after the train and 20min walk!!! What then? Well there was already a huge, very lively crowd, some with Robbie tops - loads of merchandise - and some with cowboy hats on. The hats were everywhere, selling for £5 and mainly in popular pastel pink, even for the boys - so Robbie's sexual preference eludes us still especially with those blokes there.

So we got some drinks found a possie and sat down...hummm. It actually ended up going quite quickly and we were entertained from 6.00pm onwards, first with the crowd doing the Mexican Wave, then with Robbie arriving in his helicopter, a band called Orson were on (don't know them but they were ok), and then Basement Jaxx were next. They were great - lots of crowd involvement, bright colours, costumes, great music - really really entertaining.

Finally at 8.30pm Robbie was on, with a bang! There was a countdown and loads of fireworks. Quite cool. We were not too far away from the stage, but not really close. The best spot to have been would have been with the special "Golden Circle" tickets which is like the main section right at the front - probably about 10,000 people in there, but at least at the back of that section you are still really quite close to the stage. Will definitely get those tickets next time I go to a concert there, well if I can get tickets.

Robbie was sweating as soon as he started, but insisted on wearing a scarf for a lot of the show...weird. The show felt like it was over before it started as that an hour and a half just flew by. He talked quite a bit and mentioned how Take That asked him back - ha, as if he had just sold 3 million tickets on this tour, but as a nice gesture he did sing Want you Back for good.

He did Feel, come undone, RockDJ, Monsoon, Advertising space, Sin Sin Sin and more, but most entertaining was when Ant & Dec (English comedy twosome) along with Johnny Wilks another (English) singer all got up together and did routine involving the audience as to who was the best English duo. As a play off they and the audience did a big karoke version of Strong. Finally for the encore Robbie sang Angels, Let me Entertain you and the new one (which is pretty rubbish) Rude box.

I had a fun night, Robbie is not Marks cup of tea, but it was definitely an experience, what with the huge crowds and great atmosphere. I have put the pictures on the flicker site, as for some reason this site has a tissy fit everytime I attempt to put pics on.


Heather said...

Living the dream Lisa, you are living the dream. I have no excuses for not being there (well good ones - the 5 second sell-out being one) and will probably rue it for the rest of my life. Put photos on blog please, as can't see flickr from work.

*sigh* Robbie. So hot.

Lisa & Mark said...

blasted blog wont let me put pics on.....but am trying...