Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What I love about an English Summer..

Well it continues to be the most fabulous Summer that England has seen for a long time. I think its just because I am here and that is what I expect to have, but I could be wrong. I could spend hours gloating about the brilliant sunshine, warm summer evenings, sunshine till 10pm, floaty dresses, flip flops, lush green parks, dining outside....but I won't.

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have Anne (my Aunt) come and stay with us in our lovely little flat (did I mention we have air conditioning....lucky us) and be our very first visitor. We did a mini trip to IKEA, and before you all groan Anne wanted to go she doesn't have one near her and it really was a short trip, just a couple of hours LOL!!!

Since the weather, did I mention it was brilliant, was so nice we headed over to Hampstead, well more Highgate to Waterlow Park for a bit of a wander. We hadn't been before it is quite pretty. The pub nearby called The Flask was supposed to be good for celeb spotting, but alas not on Saturday. Dinner was at the Banana Tree, yes I know we go all the time, but Anne hadn't been and we love the food.

The next day after a breakfast at one of the little places across the road, Sirous, we took the bus over to the Camden Markets. They are just brilliant in summer, much more lively than our last trip in the murky winter. Lots to buy too, plenty of little summery dresses, jewellery, bags and food; but lots of fatty, greasy stuff you just do not want on a hot day. They have the best fresh lemonade and orange juice too and we had plenty of that.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at a bar in Hampstead just watching the shoppers go by, chatting, drinking cheap cocktails and enjoying the atmosphere. Did I mention a quick trip to Kirk Geiger for a bit of shoe shopping too....none for me but Anne got a pair.

All up we had a lovely lazy weekend, just exploring North London with Anne we have already made plans to see her again down in Goring (near Brighton) in August, so hopefully it's still warm and we can go to the beach lots.

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