Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Press Photographers Year

Tonight I visted the National Theatre on Southbank (near Waterloo) to see a photography exhibition for outstanding press photography. I took my friend Noni along as Mark's not a photo nut like myself.

There were some rather remarkable pictures on display; most memorable was one of a young girl who survived having acid poured on her (not nice though, but very haunting), as well as one of a casual queen caught in a rear vision mirror, a washed out Glastonbury, Robbie Williams in the crowd for Live 8.

There were also photos of the London bombings - one which I won't forget was off the bus right after the explosion, people were still on it, literally looking themselves over as if to check they were still alive, the bus driver was standing dazed next to the bus, the roof was the other side of the road and, unfortunately, towards the back of the bus were the dead or injured. Haunting... truely so. Oh the 1st anniversary for this is on Friday too.

The attached picture is from the winner Sean Smith whose pictures come from the Iraq desert.

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