Sunday, July 09, 2006

Other things

Today Mark and I went out to Kings Cross and then Russell Square to visit the memorials for the London bombings, though they were not very big and were not even at the stations, but in the parks nearby. However that actually makes sense as the memorial is an oak tree!!!

The rest of the day we walked around Covent Garden doing a bit of shopping, gearing up for our Greek Islands holiday. The sales made the streets jam packed, but in general Covent Garden (and along Neals Road and Long Acre) is always quite busy as its a touristy people watching spot with lots of street performers and a weekend market.

Tonight its a quiet night in watching Germany kick Portugals butt in the football, well we can only hope they do anyway. Those cheaters do not deserve to win the game even if its only for 3rd place - plus Germany have played really well in front of their home crowds so why not have them win. (Woo hoo - Germany win!!)

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