Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Count down...

Only 4 days to go and we are off to Athens and Santorini, woo hoo we cannot wait. It feels like we have been talking about this trip for ages.... and we just want it to hurry up and happen.

Last weekend we visited the Farnborough Air show down in, you guessed it Farnborough, just South West of London. Well I am not really a planes and jets gal, but it was a good day out. Basically from 12:30pm onwards to 5:30pm they had an air display of all different types of jets and planes.

The most impressive I would have to say is the new Airbus 380, which is just massive, but in the air it was very manouverable and did some impressive turns for a plane its size. The loudest was the Russian MIG 29 (that was thanks to Mark - as if I was going to know that!!!) and unfortunately holding a camera, an umbrella and a burger while it was going past was not a good move - very tricky to get my fingers in my ears!! (pics to come - have loads)

Yes umbrella you read correctly. We had a bit of a thunderstorm and it bucketed down for about 20 minutes...there was quite a mass exodus of people from the grounds dashing for the minimal shelter during that time, but thankfully that was about all and the rest of the day pulled up nice.

Sunday we had a lovely relaxing day and paid our first visit down South of the River - to where all the Aussies live - to Clapham Common. well my first visit anyway, as Mark now plays touch footy down there every Wednesday. Its big but not as nice as Hampstead Heath, particularily since they cannot water the grass and there has been so little rain.

Ah the reason we went down there - well that was for Simones fundraiser picnic to raise money for her on route home to Australia trip to Tanzania. It was great to catch up with her again and we did enjoy playing childrens games - sack race, egg and spoon race, three legged race, and Pin the tail on the "Charlie" (a friend of hers) - see Laura we celebrated with kiddies games on the weekend too!

Ah alas it is time for me to go once again...oh and the weather was 33 today :-)

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