Sunday, June 18, 2006

Queens Birthday & brushes with fame

Ok so there you have it up to Turkey. There is a bit, well lots actually, in between and i promise to go back and fill in all the gaps.

Today it was a lovely warm day and Mark and I had decided to got to the Queen's Birthday parade, otherwise known as the Trooping of the Colours. Odd name, but basically lots of soldiers and horses in their fancy uniforms. Oh and the Queen and some Princesses and Princes. Yes we were just metres away from the Queen when she came past us along the Mall in her Royal carriage (actually the very one once used by Queen Victoria). I was so excited I didn't even get a picture. Doh. But Mark had helped me onto the fence earlier (not very glamorous to do in a dress!) and I did get photos of the Princesses in their carriage.

Following that we headed to Buckingham Palace, along with the parade, and we got to see Queenie with her family on the balcony - so i have pictures of that. There was also fly pasts of various different planes, including the famous Red Arrows, which flew over with red, white and blue jet streams.

Our brush with famous people did not end there today. As we headed through St James park after the parade, we came across Scarlett Johansson and a bloke (we had no idea who he was) just having a leisurely stroll through the park. There was no mistaking those lips - YES it really was her, am sure now that I have surfed the web to check that she actually is in London at the moment. Mark at first thought I was wrong but I made him follow her and get another look! She is quite pretty and soooo skinny, not really very tall either, but hardly curvy really.

But that was not all!! On our way home from the Borough Markets on the tube (we had lunch there -yummy venison hamburgers...mmmmm), the Mayor of London - Ken Livingstone - was on there with his (we guess) grand daughter, who is about 2 and was being very cute making a huge mess trying to eat an icecream. I had no idea of course, but Mark told me afterwards.

So that is our exciting day, our brushes with fame! Oh well I probably won't see another famous person the entire time we are here now. I think I got my quota done over in one day!

So now we are back in our flat watching the US trying to beat Italy in the World Cup.....but its 9:15pm and still I think I might drag Mark out to go for a bit of a wander!!

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Anonymous said...

Please put some more pictures of you guys in front of the camera on your website :-) The stories of your trip are just not the same with out you guys in the pictures!!!!
Love Laura XXX