Thursday, April 06, 2006

Southbank/Notting Hill Walk

Today rather than sitting around waiting to get a new job (don’t worry I have one now), I caught the tube down to London Bridge and walked down to Southbank where the Tate Modern art gallery is.

It is actually an old Power station and the building is quite interesting. It was not to visit as we have already been there, but to take a photo of and to walk along the Millennium bridge which goes from there across the river to St Pauls. It was a nice refreshing walk and sunny too, for a change.

I had already decided to do another photo trek around today and after my walk to St Pauls I jumped on the central line to Notting Hill Gate where I again visited the Portobello road markets.

They are quite different on a weekday, the atmosphere is quite subdued and without the antiques market in full swing it’s just not the same. Thus this got tiring pretty quickly, so I ended up just wandering around for the rest of the afternoon. I did a bit of window shopping and watching all the yummy mummies having late lunches in the posh cafes. There is so much to do here that sometimes you do nothing because you just cannot decide – well that is how I find it some times anyway.

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