Friday, April 28, 2006

ANZAC - Turkey Trip - 1

Well this was the trip that we had planned as our first major trip, it was our must do for the year. Its impossible to get cheap flights to Istanbul as its so far out, and none of the cheapie airlines go there.

We managed to find some for a fairly decent price and so early on the morning of 22nd April we flew to Zurich out of London City airport. Its a good little airport, we must plan more trips out of there. From Zurich, after negotiating 30 miles of travelators in the airport, we flew to Istanbul.

We arrived refreshed (ha) at about 4pm in the afternoon, got our visas, by-passed the casually disinterested customs officials and went out into the lovely and warm airport...ahh sunshine... Our tour guides casual, it seems its the Turkish way, attitude began right away when they said "just have a seat and we'll leave on the next bus in about 1/2 an hour... or maybe longer". Hummm

The drive into Turkey was quite crazy as there was a football (soccer) stadium nearby and, as we found out later on Turkish tele, the city was gearing up for a big match on that night between a couple of big local Istanbul football teams . We drove past some of the old city walls, which are quite old on the way into the chaotic-ness that is Istanbul.

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