Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Early Days...

Well its been about 1 and a half weeks since we arrived in London and sooo much has happened. Some of you may not have received the first round of emails, as we didn't have them all in yahoo already.

Last week was spent doing sight seeing, looking for accomodation and looking for jobs. We had success on the second day looking for a place to live last week and its a nice big one bed room flat in a suburb called West Hampstead (address below).
However we only just moved in yesterday and tonite was our first home cooked meal since last Sunday when my Auntie Anne cooked for us when we visited her at her place in Brighton.

During the week we have also visited the London Museum, the British museum (though we need to go again), Hampton Court, Kensington Gardens, Bridget Jones flat (near Borough Markets - you all know I am a big fan), Tower Bridge, Brick Lane, we saw MouseTrap at the Theatre (longest running play in history), and we went out with my friend Simone to a nightclub called the Bedroom Bar. Simone also was so lovely to give us a bed for a couple of nights!!!!

On Friday I got a job, and I started today (Tuesday). It is for Multiplex and its a 3 week contract, on Berkley Square in Mayfair. It's good money even though the work is boring, lots of spreadsheet manipulation, but not the fun stuff. Mark has been looking a bit but is still getting us set up at home, phone etc.

Anyway we have to go now as we need to book accomodation for this Sat night, as we are going to Edinburgh for the weekend, as we got cheap train tickets from a friend of Simones. Woo hoo.

Hampton Court - Clock Tower

Kensington Palace